What is Advergaming


Advergaming is a marketing technique that consists of creating video games to promote a brand, product or service. The idea of this advertising strategy is to take advantage of the potential of entertainment to attract the attention of the target audience in a more impactful and memorable way.

Games developed for advertising purposes can be of different types, such as adventures, racing, adventure or skill games, among others. The key is that these games press the emotional buttons of users and provide them with fun and entertaining experiences related to the brand, which favors memory and positive association with it.


Advantages of advergaming

Among the benefits of this marketing strategy we can mention:

  • Greater impact and brand recall: By using entertainment as an advertising tool, it is possible to leave a more lasting mark on the mind of the consumer. According to a Nielsen study, brand awareness increases by 64% and purchase intent by 24% when advergaming is used as a marketing strategy.
  • Segmentation: Advergaming allows you to directly reach the target audience of the brand, since the games are designed specifically for them. In addition, questions can be included in the games to obtain valuable information about the audience.
  • Interaction: Advergaming allows the brand to interact directly with consumers, which improves relationship and loyalty. In addition, games may include incentives for users, such as discounts or points redeemable for products or services.
  • Virality: advergaming games are easily shared on social networks and online gaming platforms, which increases their reach and visibility at no additional cost. In addition, users can invite their friends to play, increasing the brand’s exposure to new audiences.
  • Measuring success: The effectiveness of advergaming can be accurately measured through metrics such as number of downloads, game duration, social media reach or conversion rate. This allows you to adjust the strategy and optimize the results.

Examples of advergaming

Advergaming has proven to be a very effective advertising strategy to generate greater impact, reach and brand recall. Below are some examples of advergaming that have been very successful:

  • Burger King – Sneak King: This is a game developed by the fast food chain Burger King, in which the player assumes the role of the charismatic king of the brand and must deliver hamburgers to people in different situations. The game managed to reach over 3 million downloads in its first week of release, becoming one of the most successful examples of advergaming.
  • Doritos – Hotel 626: is a horror game developed by the snack brand Doritos, in which the player must tour an abandoned hotel in which scary things happen. The game managed to generate a lot of interaction on social networks and became a viral success, reaching more than 5 million visits on its official page.
  • Nissan – GT Academy: is a racing game developed by the Nissan brand, in which players are challenged to compete for the opportunity to become professional drivers of the brand. The game has generated a lot of engagement on social networks and has allowed Nissan to attract a younger and digital audience, becoming an example of very effective advergaming.
  • Coca-Cola – The Coke Zero Game: is an action game developed by the Coca-Cola brand, in which the player must collect bottles of the drink while facing different challenges. In addition to generating a great impact on its target audience, the game managed to obtain valuable data on the brand’s consumption habits, allowing it to adjust its marketing strategy.

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