What is Tweet


Tweet or tweet are each of the publications that a user makes on Twitter. The The most representative feature is that messages are limited by 280 characters (formerly 140). The publication can range from text through different multimedia elements (images, gifs …)


What are tweets for?

A tweet helps us communicate through the social network Twitter. It has multiple purposes. You can express an opinion, an idea, show news or something in general, be accompanied by a video an image, show a product, highlight an offer, conduct a survey … The key is the purpose of the sender and the response they want to achieve from the receiver.

On a professional level, it is a very practical method to contact the consumer directly and show a human interaction. Many companies use it as a form of customer service. They even have a specific profile to have a contact with customers. It also helps to make the brand visible in an easier way.

Anatomy of a tweet

The primary element of a tweet is the text. The text should never exceed 280 characters. In the beginning there were 140, but Twitter extended this limit in 2017. However, the primary feature of this network remains conciseness.

In addition to text, a tweet can contain:

  • Links. Each link is counted as 23 characters, regardless of its actual length.
  • Up to 4 images, a GIF or a video.

The tweets also show information about the origin of the tweet. It is located at the bottom of it. Examples that we can see are “Twitter for iPhone”, “Twitter for Android” or “Twitter for web”.

In some cases, the source of a tweet will be a third-party application, such as Hootsuite. They are applications that aim to manage and schedule tweets, administer and measure the results of marketing campaigns, give customer support or filter users based on different characteristics.

Types of tweet

The tweet is a message that is published on the social network Twitter and contains texts, images, a GIF or a video. The person who does it can see it on their profile page and on the timeline and anyone who is following it can see it on their timeline. In other circumstances you could only see it if it enters the person’s profile.

There are several types of tweets:

  • Mentions
    • A mention serves to name a user of another Twitter account, preceded by an at.
    • The recipient learns of the mention through the Notifications tab. This tab is private, that is, no other user can see it. Yes, you can see the mention on the timeline if you follow the recipient.
    • People who are following the user who sends a mention will be able to see it on their timeline.
  • Answers.
    • They serve to respond to someone else’s tweet.
    • Answers can be viewed on the profile page
    • The recipient who receives a response can view it in their Notifications tab. The rest of the people if they follow the issuer, you can also see it on their timeline.
    • People who follow the two will be able to see the answer on their timeline.
  • Retweets.
    • It is when a tweet is published that is not original of that person but of a different one but there is interest in sharing it with their followers.
    • The current change of twitter is that you can retweet your own tweets or other people’s tweets.
    • The appearance remains the same. The only difference is that it has the retweet icon and the name of the person who has retweeted it.
    • People who follow the one they retweet can see it even if they don’t follow the person who originally posted the tweet.
    • The person in the original tweet receives a notification if a person has made a retuir of their tweet.