What is Follower



is a term used on social media to describe a person who is following another’s account. That is, you will see on your timeline allthe messages you post or the users you follow.

What are followers on Twitter

Unlike other social networks such as Facebook, on Twitter the request for follow-up does not have to be mutual by obligation. You can be a follower of someone and not be reciprocal. Of course, when the account is private, it is necessary to make a follow-up request to become a follower of a certain account.

Followers on Twitter

Each profile on Twitter indicates the number of accounts you follow and the number of followers you have.

Followers to get sales

Brands must be present on social networks since they are a window to consumers. Because of this, the higher the number of followers they have on their accounts, the greater the chance of generating interaction.

For this it is important to generate content of interest and create conversation with followers. The goal is to start building fan loyalty and getting them to become brand ambassadors. When they start recommending a certain brand, leads and followers are increased.

To ensure that the content is appropriate and followers are gained, it is necessary to monitor social networks. That is, to track the published content and the reactions of the users. Thus, you can analyze whether they are working well or not and focus the strategy.

Followers in Influencer Marketing

The number of followers is very important in marketing with influencers, since you can choose to perform an action with a specific character, thanks to the amount of audience that this can reach. Although the term emerged closely linked to Twitter,it is currently linked more frequently to Instagram by the development of the social network of images.

Generally speaking, Instagram is the most used social network for influencer marketing campaigns. The account that is considered an influencer. at least, it has a number of more than 10,000 followers or followers. Having such a large audience is what makes brands want to collaborate with them. In this way, brands reach more people who could become potential customers.

These people become, thanks to having so many followers, an intermediary or visible face between them and the brands. It is a type of advertising that generates trust in users and creates close relationships between both parties, since it is a more direct action.

Among the ten accounts of Spaniards with the most followers on Instagram in 2020 you can see the influence of the phenomenon that we have commented, since among them there are two youtubers,an influencer and two actresses who set trends.

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