What is Metricool


metricoolMetricool is a post management tool for social media. This platform allows you to analyze and review the metrics of different networks (Instagram, Facebook …), as well as plan content and manage advertising campaigns. Through Metricool, users can work on the online presence of their brand.

Who can use Metricool

Metricool is a tool designed for content creators as well as for agencies and other professionals in charge of managing different brands. That is why it has specific plans according to the number of brands with which the user works (from the free version to the Enterprise version, through different Premium programs). Those companies that manage a high volume of brands have the possibility of having a personalized plan.

What are the advantages of Metricool?

One of the main advantages offered by Metricool is the unification of all social network profiles in the same control panel. It therefore simplifies tasks and streamlines certain processes (such as simultaneously publishing content to multiple channels). This, in turn, saves time in account management issues.

On the other hand, its multitasking platform approach is advantageous. Through its operations center you can access the analytics of the different linked accounts, consult the publication calendar to plan content, manage active advertising (both in Social Ads and Google Ads) and generate personalized reports in an automated way.

In addition, it has other resources that contribute to the growth of the digital strategy of a business, such as downloads of backups of publications for reuse or date filtering for content analysis.

Depending on the version being used, it is also possible to take advantage of your unlimited data storage space.

Metricool Features

Although Metricool stands out as a social media manager, it also allows you to be linked to websites and blogs. For the tool to start performing measurement tasks , it is necessary to connect it to the platforms to be analyzed.

Users, in addition to having a detailed follow-up of their brand, can carry out competition studies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch. For these analyzes they will have resources such as easily broken down evolution graphs with which to compare the strategies of different brands.

Metricool and data analysis

With Metricool it is possible to incorporate social media data into Google Data Studio. It allows, therefore, to create personalized reports by combining data from all the social channels of a brand.

To view this data, simply link the Data Studio connector. In this way, any dataset information visible in Metricool can be imported into Data Studio reports.

A notable aspect of this functionality is the native combination of data. The reports that the platform generates do not have to be composed only of the information extracted from a single brand, but are combinable. This particularity allows the creation of strategic reports.

What’s New from Metricool

Since social platforms are constantly evolving and frequently present updates, Metricool is incorporating new functionalities of the platform to adapt to changes and new trends. Thus, the manager offers more and more possibilities both in terms of content management and in terms of measuring and analyzing the statistics of the different channels.

Metricool Alternatives

Currently, the range of content managers in social networks is very diverse. Among the alternatives to Metricool are platforms such as Hootsuite, Post To Plan, Social Pilot, Buffer or Loomly, among others.

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