What is Feedly



Feedly is an app used to read feeds or as a news aggregator. With Feedly we can group all the news or articles of interest in a single application. That is, you can be up to date with all the trends or news without having to access different websites or blogs.

This app allows the separation by themes. So you can have all your content separated by themes. You will access the content of your interest with just one click. Feedly is used as a source of inspiration for bloggers, it also serves to research your competition. Users are always informed about industry news. The goal of this news aggregator is to keep you up to date without an overload of information.

How does Feedly work?

Feedly has two ways to deliver the content. Some web pages display the full content within the app. But it also offers a small part of the article,having to access the web if we want all the information. It also has a very easy to use interface. With the left column we can find all the pages we follow. In addition, you can classify them by categories.

Advantages of using Feedly

There are many advantages of Feedly, we highlight:

  • Be up to date with the topics that interest us.
  • Source of inspiration.
  • We segment information.
  • Possibility to increase visits to the blog.
  • You can save the items that interest you the most.
  • Meet new professionals in the sector.
  • Share the content you like the most on your social networks.

We can highlight the disadvantages, such as the page limit. In the free version we can only follow a total of 100 pages. Also, another payment function is to be able to follow keywords.

Feedly is available for Android and iOS. If you do not want to download any app on your device we can also access it from a web browser.