What is Podcast


A podcast is an audio content that is developed in a defined periodicity and with the objective of continuity and that is on the internet. The podcast is available through a file or streaming.

What is a podcast?

The podcast can be compared to radio but is downloadable and content on demand. It can be developed both on a website and on a blog, even on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud or Ivoox, among others. It is a high-powered format, which can convey information, education, entertainment and more.

In 2004, Adam Curry was the creator of what we know today as Podcast. The origin of the word, to this day, is obsolete. It is the union of the word “iPod” (device to listen to music and audio through Apple’s iTunes system) and “broadcast” (dissemination of content).

In other words we can say that a Podcast is:

  • It is digital audio that can combine voice, music and sound effects.
  • It can be presented in both mp3 or web format
  • They are located on a website from where they can be both downloaded and played live.
  • They are usually of a very varied content.
  • It is not necessary to make a large investment. Only a basic digital recording system is needed.

What are the advantages of a podcast?

One of the main advantages it has is the format. Time is a handicap for today’s society, which makes it sometimes impossible to perform some tasks, the fact of finding some ways to streamline and digest the contents in an easy way is presented as the best option.

It is the easiest format to consume and requires less effort. Texts require a greater effort and give it special attention and videos also require both visual and auditory attention.

How to use a podcast in your online marketing strategy?

One of the great advantages it presents is that they are dynamic and easy to consume audios. Users do not require great concentration, as can happen in other formats. That is why it is considered that it can be a key element when it comes to including it in a marketing strategy. The podcasts are available to everyone on a day-to-day basis, they can be listened to while driving, playing sports, cleaning the house…

When it comes to taking it into account for any marketing strategy, we must know that the fundamental thing is to take advantage of its differential characteristics. In this line, some ideas of using the podcast in your online marketing strategy would be:

  • That it is something complementary in relation to other contents such as a text. It does not matter to repeat information and seeks to offer additional information.
  • It is a format that is highly considered by the public as a means through which you can answer questions, suggestions or complaints from followers or customers.
  • It allows you to collaborate with experts on a certain topic or influencers from a certain sector.

Tips for using Podcasts:

If the idea is to optimize the use of the format, it is essential to take into account the following:

  • Podcasts have to be published with a title and description with the right keywords . Let’s not forget to take into account the SEO parameters. Today search engines are not able to perform a proper audio search.
  • You have to create a brand and position yourself as an expert in a topic, series of topics or a certain sector
  • That it is something simple to elaborate does not mean that aspects can be neglected. We can’t overlook the audio quality and, in some cases, use both music and special effects to make it more engaging.