What is Streamer



A streamer is a person who broadcasts live everything he wants. As long as they are not behaviors that may harm the health of the public. A lot of streamers are people who play video games. This live broadcast consists of commenting in real time on the game and disseminating it through a streaming platform.

What is a streamer?

Normally, a streamer is usually a professional player or specialized in video game themes. Not only do they play, much of the broadcast also comments. His job is to spend many hours in front of the computer, playing and commenting on content for the public. The main streaming platforms where their content is disseminated are Twitch, YouTube, Facebook live and Mixer.

Streamers have their own broadcast channel on which they publish their content. The streamer sets its own rules, but users can also comment on the content. In the streaming world, not only the creator of the content makes money, but also the platform. To be a good streamer you have to have a series of elements and resources such as:

  • Internet connection:a key factor for streaming live content. A good streamer can’t have interruptions.
  • Camera and microphone:the image and sound have to be of quality. Good ambient sound is key.
  • Setup: It is important to have a good desk to place all the equipment and work. You have to have a lot of space to create live shows with the best possible quality.
  • Chair: It is a hallmark of streamers. On the other hand, it is important to have a good chair as you will be sitting for several hours.

How to make money being a streamer?

Streamers have 3 sources of income. The main one is the sponsors. If you have many followers, companies usually invest advertising content in your channel. In this type of advertising campaigns, the company knows what type of profile it is impacting with its ads.

On the other hand, another great avenue of monetization is through subscriptions. Here both the streamer and the user win. Because, thanks to the subscription, they remove the ads and you can make your comments appear highlighted.

Finally, you can get money also with prop donations. Here users set the ones they want to donate.

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