What is Networking


Networking is the activity dedicated to the creation of a network of contacts of a professional nature with the purpose of originating job and business opportunities with people or companies in our sector, or that have a common purpose.

Networking can be done both in person, attending talks and conferences, seminars or specific networking events, and online, with tools such as the social network LinkedIn or Facebook. It is very important to develop a strategy for the preparation of networking that increases your chances of success: offering a good image, preparing your presentation well, offering your linkedin and business cards, being constant and maintaining contact are actions that will help us improve our network of contacts.

Advantages of networking

  • Obtain job opportunities:establishing trusted professional relationships thanks to networking greatly facilitates being able to get a job or employment contract.
  • Increase your visibility:working in your network of contacts is an excellent way to make yourself known in your environment and promote your personal brand. This also applies to companies when it comes to publicizing a brand, product or service.
  • Conducting business:Networking is a shuttle for business relationships, the wider your network the more opportunities will arise in it.
  • Source of financing:through networking we can publicize our project and in this way get investors to support it.
  • Knowledge exchange:allows you to meet professionals in your sector with whom to exchange information, have talks and debate and even offer or receive training.
  • Know the competition:networking events are ideal places to deal with your competition and study it thoroughly, seeing what they offer and where you can differentiate yourself from them.

Networking Tools

  • Elevator Pitch:it is a small speech in which we condense all the relevant information to present our personal brand,your company, a project or a product or service. The goal is to convince the receiver in a short period of time.
  • Business cards:a small card with contact information about you or your company, it is a very simple element but it has a great effectiveness when it comes to being remembered and contacted.
  • LinkedIn: the number 1 social network for networking professional contacts, a very important tool for online networking.
  • CV:if you are looking for job opportunities it is absolutely essential that you prepare a good curriculum in both digital and physical format and if possible in several languages.

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