What is Landing Page

landing page


A landing page or landing page has as its main function to generate leads to convert users into customers.

To do this, these types of pages must have few elements that can distract the user,but that those few elements attract their attention to generate the lead.

What is a Landing Page for?

As we have said, the main function of these landing pages is to attract customers and for this you have to offer good content to fill out the contact form. Leads are business opportunities that a company can take advantage of to generate business.

The information of the potential customer of these leads makes the company know and understand what type of users visit its website. It is also possible to build a closer relationship with the client, generating trust because it is a less invasive way of approaching the customer by the company’s sales team.

Types of landing pages

Landing pages can be of two types depending on where they are:

Within the web:

These landing pages are reached through a Call to Action, also called CTA, that is within the web, such as a link to a download of valuable content (ebooks, infographics, etc …).

It has to follow the same aesthetic style as the rest of the web and be able to access it organically, so they have to be very optimized for SEO.

Microsites outside the web:

These landing pages are those that are created with a specific purpose and that even have their own domain. They must have the maximum information of what is offered to be able to convince the user to fill out the contact form or formalize the purchase.

As these microsites do not position organically, they are mostly used for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on Google Ads or other platforms such as Bing Ads (now called Microsoft Advertising) or Facebook Ads. They are also used for email marketingcampaigns.

Advantages of a landing page

Landing pages are fundamental to a successful marketing strategy,apart from many other things:

  • It facilitates the segmentation of contacts so you can offer a product to potential customers more likely to convert.
  • It reduces the cost of customer acquisition since a landing page with quality content can get many leads that can lead to conversion.
  • It facilitates lead scoring so that the sales team of a company can prioritize the leads with the greatest conversion potential.

That has a quality landing page

To have a quality landing page you have to:

  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Select the fewest fields for the form.
  • Explain the value of the offer clearly.
  • Include media that catches the user’s attention.
  • Remove links that may distract the user and cause them to leave the page without having filled out the form.
  • By the GDPR on the landing pages it must be clear the explicit consent that the user has to give to receive commercial information.


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