What is Indexability


Indexability refers to the ability of a website to be found and included in the results of a query in a search engine. It is especially important for websites that want to get a good position in search engines. Indexability is determined by various factors, such as the structure and content of a website, its link popularity, and how it is encoded.

What is indexability for?

Indexability is an important factor in the search engine positioning of a website. It involves the practice of displaying quality content, a well-structured design and avoiding bad practices such as trying to manipulate search engine crawlers with pages invisible to visitors. For websites to be seen by search engines like Google, they must inspire trust through reliable coding and structure that can be easily accessed and understood by automated programs that scan the web.

Indexability has a considerable influence on web positioning. The more indexable a website is, the more likely it is that a search engine will find it and position it in a better place.

How to make a website indexable

Among the recommendations to improve indexability we can highlight:

  • Optimize web architecture: Having a well-structured website plays an important role in indexability.
  • Optimize content: It’s important to add unique and relevant text, videos, images, and other media to your pages.
  • Unique URLs: It is important that duplicate URLs do not exist.
  • Unique and relevant content: create quality content that is not reflected on other websites.
  • Reduce clicks from the home: The most important pages of the web should be at the shortest possible click distance.
  • Build quality links: Another key factor in improving indexability is building high-quality links to the website. This can be done by participating in relevant online communities and networking with other website owners.
  • Improve loading speed: use a server with sufficient capacity to serve the contents with the shortest possible loading time.
  • Use a sitemap: A sitemap is essentially an organized list of all web pages, which can help search engines index and rank it.

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