What is Breadcrumbs



Breadcrumbs or “breadcrumbs” are small text links of a smaller size than the rest of the links and font used in a web page that serve to guide the user within the website, anchor their browsing behavior. In short, make an improvement in usability that also favors the SEO positioning of the page in which they appear.

what is breadcrumbs

In addition, they are also used in the snippets that we find in search engines when performing a specific search due to their aspect of improvement in SEO positioning:


Breadcrumbs example

What are Breadcrumbs for?

Breadcrumbs are not included as a website navigation tool but to provide the user with two main functions. First of all to place it within the structure of the website. Thanks to these “crumbs” it can be found within a page both physically and conceptually. On the other hand, it also facilitates direct access to the upper levels, in addition to being able to do it more quickly.

How it influences SEO

Breadcrumbs have an influence on organic search engine positioning. To improve SEO they help in the user experience by reducing the bounce rate and increasing the time spent on the website. These links are also an opportunity to add relevant anchor texts.

In turn, these links strengthen the internal linking to first-level pages, so that the positioning improves. Breadcrumbs must include a schema of structured data. This way Google will be able to include these snippets in the search results.

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