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What is Above the fold

Above the fold


Above the fold
refers to the part of the website or an email that you see immediately as soon as it is loaded. It is the part of the page that you see without having to use the mouse scroll. Above the fold is a key section of a website for placing ads and banners. This term derives from the press industry, referring to the visible part of the front page when the newspaper is folded.

The concept is based on the importance of the top of the pages, and suggests that it is in that part where the most relevant part for the user of the information should be located. This achieves a greater permanence on the site and a lower bouncerate.

Advantages of Above the Fold ads

Because users relate more to the content they see as soon as they open a web page, ads at the top of the page are expected to have more visibility and greater opportunities for interaction.

One of the main advantages of above the fold ads is that they are more likely to be seen by potential customers as they appear at the top of a web page. This offers a greater chance of exposure compared to ads located lower on the page or in other locations. Above the fold ads also allow businesses to highlight their brand messages, product details, etc. in a highly visible way.

Another key advantage of ads above the fold is that they allow marketers to target specific audiences more effectively. By placing ads at the top of the page, businesses can focus on creating messages and images that specifically appeal to the desired demographic, increasing the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. In addition, above the fold ads tend to have a higher click-through rate, as they are more visible and easier to interact with.

Drawbacks of Above the Fold ads

While ads can get better metrics, placing too many ads at the top can conflict with web positioning, as Google recommends that the most relevant content be located in that area.

Another possible disadvantage of above-page ads is that they don’t always look as prominently as desired. With the increasing use of mobile devices, overprinted ads may appear lower on web pages due to smaller screens and different layouts used by some smartphones and tablets.

Above the Fold ad design

To understand how to work with “above the fold,” a web designer must consider the average screen sizes that are used by the audience of a particular site or explore responsive design techniques, with an approach to web page creation that makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images, and a cascading style sheet (CSS) that responds to media search.

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