What is Lead


A lead is a potential customer, a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service in some way. For example, a lead would be a user who fills out a form, subscribes to a newsletter or leaves their data to receive more information about a certain product or service.


The lead in Digital Marketing

Its value is very high in digital marketing, since it allows you to personalize the campaigns to the maximum with the aim of loyalty to a customer or getting them to convert. Obtaining a lead is an essential step in the creation of good databases, although it must always be made clear that the current regulations on the protection and processing of personal data are complied with.

How to generate leads

To encourage the user to leave their data on a website, you have to offer them something in return that supposes an added value for them, so they will have to use different strategies

Types of leads

Nomalmente three types of leads are identified, depending on the moment of the purchase process in which the user is (discovery, consideration, decision):

  • Lead. Also called cold lead because the user is limited to leaving their basic data at an early stage, without yet showing their willingness to buy.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). The user has already shown interest in a certain product or service and has even requested more information about it. The company, for its part, has already identified him as a target audience and the logical thing would be to try to obtain more data about him to convince him to materialize the purchase.
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). It is a hot lead or a user who is already very close to the purchase process, so it would be interesting to send him offers, discounts, etc. so as not to lose him.

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