What is Conversion



In online marketing, we define the term conversion as the execution by users of a certain action which the company has set as a goal and has assigned an economic value. In this way the user goes from being an ordinary person who browses the internet looking for something to become a customer or lead.

For conversions to be efficient, it is vital to have defined in advance and correctly the objectives we want to carry out so that the conversions are in accordance to achieve the achievement of these objectives. This implies that depending on the type of business, conversions will be set very differently from one to the other.

How to increase conversion

Of course, the type of conversion that we have previously determined will determine the way in which we can improve our conversions, since there is no single formula to achieve it. To increase the conversion we can follow the following recommendations:

  • Improve loading times:increasing the loading speed of the website where the conversion is going to occur is very important, since each additional second entails losses. To improve load times we can use quality servers, apply web engineering strategies or use caches to increase the speed of content presentation.
  • Achieve good navigability:very important that the user knows at all times what part of the website is, and also once inside it orient it towards conversion through calls to action and simple and clear objectives.
  • Take care of the design:the visual aspect is essential when entering a web page since it will be our best letter of introduction will mark the starting point for the user. In addition, it is an aspect that is closely related to navigability, which as we have just mentioned above is very important.
  • Plan the content strategy:content is the king of the internet and therefore having a good content strategy will allow us to attract more users to our website and obtain more conversions. The contents must be as careful and original as possible, in addition to adding value to the user in this way we ensure not only that they enter our website, but that we have high engagement and stay longer in it, which also implies a greater number of conversions.
  • Segment:when making campaigns it is necessary to correctly perform the segmentation of our target audience so that the audience to which we are directed is the most appropriate to achieve high conversions.


Examples of conversion

A conversion is not limited only to one type of action but can be any that the company has previously defined and supposes a benefit for it. Among the most common conversions we find are:

  • Make a purchase on the company’s website
  • Share a post on social media.
  • Make a phone call to the company
  • Fill out a form or complete a survey
  • Create a profile or register on our website

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