What is Homepage



A homepage is a page designated to be the main entry point to a website, appearing when a user starts a session. Home pages usually offer a welcome to the Internet user, a text explaining the meaning of the website and a menu with links to other pages.

The homepage, or homepage, is a page that serves as the starting point of the website. This is the default web page that loads when you visit an address that contains only one domain name. For example, visiting www.arimetrics.com will display the Arimetrics home page.

The home page

The home page is located in the root directory of a website. Most web servers allow the home page to have one of several different file names that exist, such as index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.php, default.html or home.html. This default file name of the main page can be customized. Because the home page file is automatically loaded from the root directory, the home page URL does not have to include the file name.

Homepage content

There is no standard layout for the homepage, but most main pages include a navigation bar that offers links to different sections of the website. Other common elements found on a homepage are the search bar, information about the website, and recent news or updates. Some websites include information that changes every day.

When performing an internet search, it is usual the first link that appears is from the home page, so it is usually the landing page that attracts the attention of visitors. A good homepage should provide links so that the rest of the website is navigable, being advisable to include a search box to speed up the user experience.

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