What is Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud


A tag cloud, word cloud or tag cloud, is a visual technique that is based on the representation of the appearance of words or tags within a text content, such as websites, articles, speeches or databases. It is a graphic representation of those words most used in the text.

Tags are represented according to their frequency, weight and meaning in relation to other tags, so that the topics of greater importance appear in a larger size and with a more intense color. They are sorted alphabetically or according to their relevance, frequency or similarity.

Tag Cloud Function

Its objective is to help the user find what they are looking for and to facilitate navigation through the website. It is an original way to improve the usability and navigability of a website, while allowing us to computer the content through tags. Finally mention that at the SEO level it works very well since it allows us to index relevant content. It is very important that the tags are chosen with criteria and unanimity so as not to cause duplication.

Tag Cloud Tools

Although content managers or CMS such as WordPress usually have tools that generate tag clouds automatically, there are other tools to load tag clouds. They allow to organize the words personalizing the form within which they are going to be included, the font, the body of the letter, the color, etc …

  • World Cloud Generator: a very visual tool with multiple customization options such as proportion magnitudes or word angles. Its main drawback is that it only works in English.
  • Wordle: web page that through Java offers us a wide range of options. Thanks to an intuitive design, it is an attractive option for both beginners and the most expert.
  • Tagul: the main feature of this cloud creator is his artistic approach that aims to take a step beyond a simple cloud and turn his creations into authentic visual works

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