What is Google Merchant Center

Definition:google merchant center

Google Merchant Center is a Google tool that serves to enter data from an online store and be able to advertise in Google Shopping, among other services.

What is Google Merchant Center for?

The main objective of this platform is to allow users to upload the information of the products (brand, type of product, product ID, price, description …) through a data feed, to later use them in advertising campaigns and that they are shown in the most relevant searches of Shopping.

Products uploaded to Google Merchant Center have an expiration of 30 days from the time the upload is made, so it is important to have the information updated.

The Shopping ads in combination with other channels are a way quite used by multiple advertisers due to the great increase in visibility that their ads bring, the addition of images in the search engine and the high CTR that they usually have, at the same time as a relatively
smaller search CPCs than in search campaigns.




What you can do from Google Merchant Center

  • Shopping ads:With a format that resembles that of the catalog, the products will be displayed in the Google Shopping network. This network is characterized by being one of the favorite sources for users when buying.
  • Integration with Adwords:Thanks to the simple integration with Google Ads, Merchant Center feeds can be used to link with google’s advertising platform. It allows specific campaigns such as dynamic remarketing to be carried out.
  • Analytics support:Data from the Merchant Center can be kept separate from Analytics thanks to custom segments that prevent hits from being crossed.
  • Online ratings:Product reviews and ratings can help sales. Integrated into the Merchat Center listing, ratings, including stars, receive a preferential position.
    Integration with Google Local Search: listints can now include the locations of the establishments closest to the user who performs the search at that time.


Create a data feed in Google Merchant Center

To start loading our products with the aim of doing a Google Shopping campaign we need to have a Gmail account and a verified ecommerce within My Business. There are several options for getting started in Google Merchant Center:

  1. Create our product catalog in an Excel file, specifying a series of mandatory attributes and other specific ones in the headers. Then you will have to upload that spreadsheet with a file with extension “.txt” and check that it is complete.
  2. Directly use the template that we can download from Google and in which the preset attributes can be modified. This option uses the Google Merchant Center plugin to upload the data feed.
  3. Some e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop or Magento, have modules that allow automatic integration.


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