What is Google Shopping

google shoppingDefinition:

Google Shopping is a service from the company Google that allows users to compare products between suppliers online. It works as a virtual showcase where sellers can publish their products with detailed information about them: name, description, prices, promotions, availability, measures and dimensions and many more…

Google Shopping features

Unlike Google Ads search campaigns that use keyword bidding, Google Shopping is managed by product-level and category-level offers. Product offers are made using Google Ads sign-in,while data feeds are sent through Google Merchant Center sign-in.

It was previously known as Google Product Search,Google Products and Froogle. The URL Froogle.com still exists, although it now redirects to the current Google Shopping platform.The service originally listed products presented by sellers for free and made its money from AdWords-based ads on the page side. However, this changed when the product was renamed Google Shopping in 2012, becoming a paid service.



Advantages of using Google Shopping:

Undoubtedly, the potential offered by this tool when it comes to doing business is enormous, being present in Google means having a practically unlimited scope. Among the main advantages offered by Google Shopping are:

  • Visually appealing: unlike Google Ads ads that only allow you to use text, in Google Shopping we can include in the ads the images that we have selected from our products, which gives it a very interesting graphic section at the marketing level since the impact we can generate on users is much greater.
  • Higher percentage of conversions:traffic from Google Shopping is a much more relevant traffic since users usually look for exactly that type of product and therefore are in a much more advanced phase of the purchase process.
  • High visibility:since its implementation in 2012 it is a platform that has not stopped growing, appearing in Google Shopping implies taking advantage of all the potential offered by the number 1 search engine in the world, with millions of users every day.
  • Improved analytics: thanks to Google Shopping we can obtain a lot of information about our products and the behavior of consumers with them so that we can carry out more exhaustive analyses and draw better conclusions in order to optimize how we sell our products.

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