What is Display Advertising

Dsiplay Advertising


It is understood as Display Advertising to all advertising actions related to ads (known as banners) that are presented within the destination web pages, within what is known as a display network, that is, the set of pages within the network of a search engine such as Google.

Such ads may consist of ads, texts, videos, or even formats that offer an interaction to the user. They are displayed at the top, side, side, or within the content, so that the impact and / or click on said advertising is achieved to take the user to the advertiser’s page.

It is currently one of the main sources of income for online media, which make available to the Display Network spaces within their web pages that are managed by intermediaries such as Google.

Features of Display Advertising

It is characterized by being an advertising aimed at users who are not likely to interact with it because it is presented during navigation, on related pages, or landing pages, instead of doing it in a direct search as it happens with search engine advertising, therefore it presents low CTR (Click Through Rate), between 0 and 2%. It is a type of dynamic advertising, and banners appear at the top and right of web pages, being able to adapt to the device and the design of the page when setting its settings.

Most common formats of Display advertising

Among the most common formats within Display advertising we find:

  • Banners: the most common measurements are 468×60 and 728×90
  • Skyscrapers: 120×600 and 160×600. Normally located on the sides of the page.
  • Page stealers: they are large formats located in the upper right or right, with usual measures such as 300×250,300×300 and 300×600.
  • Interstitial: Full-page ad that is displayed for a certain time and can be closed with a blade located in the upper right.
  • Pop ups: these are pop-ups that jump and hide the content temporarily until they are closed.
  • Rich media: these are ads of various formats enriched with videos or interaction options.
  • Adaptable: banner that adapts to the available advertising space.

Advantages of Display Advertising

  • Easy to implement by the web support of the ads.
  • It is measurable, as both views and clicks can be obtained.
  • There is a wide variety of formats
  • Extensive and segmentable display network, so that you can target the target audience
  • Diversity of payment formats: you can opt for CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click)

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