What is Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor


The Google Ads editor (formerly known as AdWords editor) is a free download application for managing AdWords advertising campaigns. All advertisers with any account, no matter the size, can use the Ads editor, but it’s especially useful for accounts with multiple campaigns and long lists of keywords or ads.

Ads Editor Utilities

Some of the Google Ads Editor utilities are:

  • Ability to use bulk editing tools to make multiple changes quickly.
  • Export and import files to share proposals or make changes to an account.
  • View statistics for all campaigns or a subset of campaigns.
  • Manage, edit and view multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Find and replace text across all ad groups or campaigns.
  • Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns.
  • Undo and redo various changes during campaign editing.
  • Make changes to the project before uploading them to the account.
  • Keep working even when you’re offline.

Advantages of the Google Ads editor

The basic process is simple: download one or more accounts, make changes offline, and then upload the changes to AdWords. The AdWords editor can help save time and make it easier to make changes in bulk.

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