What is Display Network

Display NetworkDefinition:

The Google Display Network consists of a group of more than two million websites, videos, and apps where ads can appear. In these placements, ads are displayed where Google is the intermediary. Display network ads are commonly known as banners, which are hosted within the web pages that users visit.

Through the Display network, website owners give Google locations of their sites in exchange for a remuneration per click or per impression. Google Ads advertisers will be able to show their ads in them based on various targeting criteria, and will pay Google directly for it.

Segmentation in the Display network

You can also choose to target specific sites, pages on specific topics, demographics, and more. The Display Network is a collection of websites, including Google-specific websites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube, that display Google Ads ads. This network also includes mobile sites and apps.

By segmenting in the Display network we can look for results different from those we would get in the search network. One of the main objectives is to gain visibility and publicize our brand or a new product or service, so you do not have to focus on conversions. When the purchase cycle of your products is long, Display can also help thanks to remarketing campaigns, through which we seek to impact users who have already been interested in our products before.

Advertising on the Display network

With Display advertising you can reach a wide range of customers with diverse interests, select which sites or pages to appear on and attract users with attractive ad formats. The ads in the display network produce different effects on users to those of the search network, being the number of impressions very high but with a much lower CTR since we have to understand that it is much less qualified traffic than that which directly searches for our keywords in search engines. In this sense we could say that while the search network is oriented to demand, the display network does so in the form of supply.

The Display network allows us to present several formats of anuncos among which are text, images, videos or rich media. In Google Ads campaigns,using ads on the Display network is a very useful strategy for search and Shopping campaigns, since it allows an increase in visibility, by showing the ads both in search engines and on landing pages, press, specialized blogs …

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