What is Display URL

Display URL


The Display URL is an element of Google Ads, which is the address that appears in them in green in order to clarify to the user the destination to which they will go when clicking on it. The Display URL does not have to correspond to the final or destination URL which is the one that the visitor will really reach when clicking on the link, although the most convenient thing would be that they do have the greatest possible relevance so that the user does not perceive the destination as little relevant.

Importance of the Display URL

The Display URL is an important component when working with SEM, the easier to read and simpler it is, the more possibilities we will have to attract traffic to our website, without forgetting that if there is no correlation between the display URL and the destination URL the result can be counterproductive.

The Display URL serves as a small example of what the user can find on our website, and can make the difference between whether they want to enter or not so it is an element that we must treat with the care it deserves.

Advantages of using a Display URL

Those are some of the advantages of using Display URLs:

  • If we establish a Dusplay e URL, we have many more options for the consumer to retain it in their memory to perform future searches.
  • It allows to reinforce the relevance of the ad by being able to include keywords in it.
  • Unlike the rest of the ad, it allows you to use protected trademarks in your fields.

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