What is Event Marketing

Event Marketing


Event Marketing

or Event Marketing pursues the creation of unforgettable experiences for consumers by organizing events so that they feel identified with the brand. It is one of the main strategies for lead generation, and in recent years it has become fashionable among companies at a time when generating added value for consumers has become essential.

Thus, this promotional strategy is based on direct contact and the generation of entertainment and emotions aimed at a segmented audience in order to generate as many impressions as possible.

Advantages of Event Marketing

There are many advantages of implementing Event Marketing within the company’s marketing strategy, so more and more brands rely on the realization of events to maximize their benefits:

  • Generate leads: generating experiences of value to the consumer we get customers to connect with our brand and generate interest in it.
  • Profitability:events do not always generate profits directly, if you do it indirectly, increasing brand awareness so that more and more people want to acquire our products or services.
  • Viralizable: it is a strategy with a high power of diffusion, events are events that spread quickly and in this way give visibility to the company.
  • Work networking: through the organization of events you can considerably expand your network of professional contacts, while establishing business relationships.

Event Marketing Examples

  • Music festivals: these are events with a great convening power, if you have renowned artists you ensure a high attendance, in addition music is a very effective tool to generate emotions in consumers. For this reason it is increasingly common to see brands sponsoring festivals or even being the one who organizes them.
  • Virtual events: with the rise of new technologies, virtual presence events solve a typical problem of traditional events: distance and time. In this way, you can connect with people from your own home.
  • Fairs and congresses: the possibilities offered by this type of event go beyond conquering the user, but are excellent spaces for business development and the exchange of information.

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