What is Ebook



An Ebook or E-Book is a book in digital format,developed specifically to be read on any type of electronic device, such as computers, tablets, smartphones or e-book readers, designed specifically for this purpose. Ebooks only resemble physical books in content since they are files prepared to be read by computer programs. There are currently two formats of e-books; the ePub,which is the most popularized and open source, and the mobi, used by the famous kindle of the Amazon company (the most widely used e-book reader in the world).

E-books are more like an app than a physical book, and have features such as term search, dictionary query, translation, etc.

Advantages of Ebooks

Ebooks have been a real revolution in the world of reading, promoted in large part by their numerous advantages over conventional books:

  • Cheaper: by not having to consume materials such as paper or ink or having to store them in a physical space, production costs are greatly reduced, since it practically eliminates all the intermediaries that would participate in the commercialization of a physical book.
  • Laptops: they do not take up space like a book, only that of the device on which we are going to play it.
  • Instant: thanks to the ebooks we can start consuming the book as soon as we acquire it and we will not depend on whether they are sold out or not in stores.
  • More Information: ebooks allow us to make instant queries about those words that we do not know, or search for terms to jump between pages.
  • Sustainable: by not having to use paper for reproduction, they are much more environmentally friendly.

Ebooks in Digital Marketing

Ebooks are a more than interesting option within the world of Digital Marketing to get new customers. If our brand creates an ebook and delivers it to potential customers, we can improve our reputation and brand image, retain the public within our inbound marketing strategy and achieve greater engagement.