What is Copywriting



is a technique consisting of the creation of commercial texts (copy) in order to convince our potential clients to act and achieve in this way the achievement of a goal.

To do this, copywriting uses to emphasize the advantages and benefits of our products or services and thus establish emotional links with the reader that highlight the value of our brand.

Types of copywriting

  • Direct response copywriting: It is one that focuses on generating an immediate response in the reader, getting him to perform a desired action as soon as he assimilates our text. Their main goal, therefore, is to convert leads into customers.
  • SEO Copywriting:dedicated to generating relevant, advantageous and attractive content for our target audience, in order to improve the positioning in search engines. This type of copy mixes the skills of a traditional copywriting and an SEO specialist to move up in Google through keywords.
  • Email Marketing Copywriting:writing e-mails with the aim of generating traffic through them. Improve the classic interaction of e-mails with potential customers by generating more reactions in them and increasing the number of conversions.
  • Creative Copywrting:Focused on both the online and offline world, it relates to agencies and is responsible for writing the concepts and ideas for advertising campaigns, increasing the positioning of the brand in the market.
  • Social Media Copy: Specialized in copy for social networks and objectives more adapted to them: viralize content, increase the number of followers, improve the perceived image of the brand, etc …
  • Technical copy:specialist in a certain area, they are based on a very technical and specific vocabulary so that it is easier for them to connect with their type of target audience.


Good copywriting practices

It is essential when developing a good copywriting strategy to know the rules of the same that allow us to optimize its benefits. The message must be original, differential and creative above all, so that it gives us a distinctive touch, which stimulates the curiosity of the reader. It must know how to communicate, enhancing the virtues of our products and / or services and that has enough emotional charge to generate strong links with our potential customers.

The message must also be persuasive and enthusiastic, energetic and positive. It is important that it is in line with our target and is clear and intelligible enough so that the public seems as close as possible.


Advantages of copywriting

Thanks to the role of copywriting, we can obtain a large number of advantages:

  • Better brand image:the great communicative power of copywriting allows us to better transmit the advantages and virtues of our products and / or services, increase the emotional relationships of our potential customers and ultimately give added value to our own brand.
  • Improvement of search engine positioning:improving SEO positioning thanks to the generation of original, useful and relevant content is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after benefits of copywriting and that will significantly increase traffic to your website.
  • Strengthen the relationship with your customers:through copys we can persuade and generate emotional bonds with our customers that bring us closer to them, and increase the commitment and trust they place in us.
  • Generate a different and unique identity:without a doubt, the commitment to the creation of your own copywriting content will generate a better perception in your client, giving you a distinctive and differentiating touch that will make people browse your website longer and value your content more.
  • Increase the sales and income of your company:without a doubt a well-executed copy translates into a greater number of customers and an increase in the conversion rate and therefore, a greater number of sales for our company.

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