What is Content Relevance

Content relevanceDefinition:

The Relevance of Contents is, referring to digital marketing and more specifically to search engine positioning, to the coherence between the search terms and the content of the websites that the search engine throws us when entering those search terms. This correspondence in the contents also applies to the code of the web page therefore it is necessary to work well the architecture of the same.

Importance of Content Relevance

Those websites that wish to carry out a correct content marketing strategy, as well as positioning must work to obtain the greatest possible relevance since this will bring us various benefits:

  • Improves organic positioning:the greater the relevance of content, the more search engines will reward us when it comes to appearing in the highest positions.
  • It attracts more traffic:as a result of this greater visibility in search engines, more users will visit our website, which will bring us closer to achieving the objectives we have set.
  • Improves SEM:when it comes to making paid positioning, relevant content implies a greater number of conversions since users will find themselves with just what they were looking for. On the contrary, if the content is not very relevant, we will find high bounce rates.
  • Brand strength:thanks to relevant content we will provide consistency to our brand. Users will identify that we are generating value for them and position us as a useful and recognized brand.

How to increase the relevance of our content.

When designing our content strategy we must consider a series of factors that can improve their relevance:

  • Understand the user:nothing better to generate the content that the user seeks, than to understand their behavior. If we correctly define our Buyer Persona we will be closer to generating those exact contents that he is locating.
  • Work on web architecture:titles, meta descriptions, links, tags, images… all the elements of the web must follow a logic and have well defined the keywords that describe it.
  • Generate original content:duplicate content is undoubtedly one of the factors that can penalize the most in search engines in terms of relevance. On the contrary, if we work our content and it is useful and original, we will be awarded by appearing in the first search positions.
  • Index content:It is important that search engine robots are able to crawl all the content available on your website so that it is classified as relevant.

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