What is Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content


Evergreen content is a term used by some advertising agencies to describe a website that is updated frequently daily or regularly. An evergreen website is considered to be more likely to attract more new visitors as well as repeat users. If a media buyer from an advertising agency is looking for the selection of a number of sites for an advertising campaign, if a site is considered evergreen they can determine if it is included in the campaign. A website that is not updated often enough is called brown.

Evergreen content is therefore interesting and relevant content that can never be outdated, so it becomes a great ally when it comes to being found online by search engines. It is timeless content and can help drive traffic to a website, be shared through social buttons, being able to maintain a valuable position in a search engine ranking for months or even years from when it was first published.

Evergreen content and SEO

Search engines constantly use spiders to crawl hundreds of millions of web pages to find the keywords that offer the best match in search queries.

Part of the indexing algorithm of web pages includes data of date or expired content that has not had a large number of views or traffic recently. For example, if it is a story about traffic accidents in 2010, then the spiders will index the page accordingly. A query about traffic accidents will not result in content from 2010 to be at the top of search engines.

Since evergreen content doesn’t really have an expiration date and usually uses keywords that, in essence, can be searched over and over again, query search engines are more likely to display particular evergreen content over and over again. That is why it becomes very important within the CONTENT SEO strategy.

How to create evergreen content

This type of content must last over time and does not need to be updated. They adapt perfectly at any time. Evergreen content should deal with recurring themes and will always be an added value for any user who is looking for that information. The content can be tutorials, guides, lists, definitions. It will always be neutral content so that it can be read at any time, no matter its publication date.

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