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What is Buyer persona

Buyer Persona


A buyer persona is an archetype, a model or representation based on research of what buyers are, what they are trying to achieve, what are the objectives that drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy and why they make purchasing decisions. In the online world, it can now also be included where they shop, as well as when shoppers decide to buy.

The Buyer Persona methodology

The purpose of buyer persona research and modeling is to help gain a deeper understanding of buyers and their buying behaviors. This useful knowledge is intended to inform you to make decisions about digital marketing and sales strategies. Learning about today’s shoppers is about learning about the new language of buyers, and a deeper understanding also requires developing a robust new vocabulary about buyers.

How to develop it

The first thing to do is to get relevant data and information through any research tool. It can be done through market research, surveys or analysis. The number of people for these studies or analyses and the questions to be asked will depend on the business. As a result of this information, creates a buyer persona dashboard that can be described as being a person.

To develop it, the needs of the company must first be defined according to its type. Then you will start with a series of questions based on demographic data, personal situation, work, etc.

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