What is BOFU


The BOFU is a phase of the conversion funnel. It is considered the final part or the third part of the three stages in which the funnel or conversion funnel is divided. The other elements are the TOFU, initial part, and the MOFU, middle part.

What are the objectives of bofu?

It is the final piece: the one that closes the sales funnel or funnel. It is conceived as the narrowest, since only users arrive there who, after the visit, consider that the brand / company is the best option. At this point there is already an interest in specific products or services.

The BOFU phase requires generating custom content. The objective is not only to achieve purchases, but to generate a relationship of loyalty between the new customer and the brand / company.

Some ideas to develop during that stage are:

  • Free trials. You can offer the possibility to refund the money if you are not satisfied with the product or service offered.
  • Discounts, launch offers, exclusive products…
  • Highly specialized services.

What is BOFU for?

The BOFU is the final piece, the decision stage. It is the phase that allows to show potential customers that the company / brand in question is the best option with respect to the competition.

The purpose in this phase is to stand out from the competition: among all the possible purchase options, the customer chooses a brand. The intention is not to achieve a punctual purchase, but to extend the duration with the customer over time: to obtain a loyal consumer.

What are the best strategies for this moment?

In the final phase, actions must be carried out that try to ensure that the potential client/consumer makes the decision to buy the product or service with the specific brand or company. Some of the proposals that contribute to this objective are:

  • Managing user communities as a way to foster loyalty and take the shopping experience to the next level. It is a way to generate security among potential customers.
  • SEM. In this phase, users are already searching in a more specific and concrete way. In some cases they even have an interest in specific brands. Search engine advertising guarantees to appear in a prominent position in addition to offering offers that adapt to all kinds of needs.
  • Ads on social networks. This stage invites you to make the most of the full potential offered by social ads through the “similar audiences” targeting function. This action is not limited to the public that already knows the brand, but also allows to reach similar audiences to multiply its effectiveness.

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