What is Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart


Abandoned Cart is a term we use in Digital Marketing to refer to those unfinished purchases in which customers add products to their cart (their virtual shopping cart) but leave the website before purchasing a product. It is a very important term since understanding it and knowing how to detect the causes that propitiate it will allow us to improve the results of our business considerably.

Causes of Cart Abandonment

The abandonment of a virtual cart does not respond to a single reason, but there are several factors that can trigger this fact:

  • Problems during the payment process: you can attend to various reasons, problems of rejection or validation of the payment method, or errors of our own system when processing the payment; in the latter case we must be especially careful since it is a problem that can lead to very negative consequences.
  • Best Offers: there is the option that the user, during the search process, has found on another website a product similar to ours for a reduced price and in that case decides to interrupt the purchase in our e-commerce. This can be a warning to adjust the price of certain products.
  • Bad experience: if during the navigation through our website the user experiences a negative situation such as poor navigability, a messy web architecture or a poorly established hierarchy this may end up abandoning the purchase. unequivocal signal that we must optimize our website.
  • Problems with shipping: in many cases the shipping options are not what the user expected: shipping costs not contemplated, long delivery times, problems with the place of collection, etc …


Fix abandoned Carts

It is the task of Digital Marketing specialists to know how to identify these abandonments and correct them. The first step to take would be to carry out a correct web analytics process that indicates the causes that cause this abandonment. Aspects such as loading times, usability and navigability, responsive web design or architecture are of special importance to reduce the abandonment rate. Last but not least, we must not give up the abandoned carts but we can carry out remarketing and email marketing actions to try to recover those customers.

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