What is Electronic Cart

Electronic Cart


The Electronic Shopping Cart is an application integrated within e-commerce or e-commerce that represents our virtual shopping cart in it, playing a fundamental role in the last stage of the product purchase cycle.

It really is a software that is integrated into the same electronic commerce, either a web page or also an application, which we call that since it is represented by a supermarket shopping cart icon.

Electronic Shopping Cart Functionality

The cart acquires special importance within the last stage of the customer’s life cycle, which we call action,since it is the last step that the customer executes before finalizing the payment and acquiring the product. Among the main functions of the shopping cart are:

  • Shopping list: in the shopping cart we can see the breakdown of the price of the products we have selected as well as the total sum of the price, so that we can modify our selection if we wish.
  • Process the payment: once the customer has selected all the products he wishes to acquire, the online cart is the application that allows us to make the payment through the different methods supported by our electronic commerce: Pay-Pal, Credit card, bank transfer, etc …


Cart Abandonment

When a consumer leaves a website where they had started adding products to the raw cart at checkout, we call it an abandoned cart. Abandoned face is a problem that affects all e-commerce, and therefore we should always strive to reduce it to the maximum possible, in addition generally a high rate of abandoned cart evidences problems on our website such as poor navigability, high prices or problems when processing online payments.

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