What is MOFU


The MOFU is a phase of the conversion funnel. It is considered the intermediate part or the second part of the three sections in which the funnel or conversion funnel is divided. The other parts are tofu (initial part) and BOFU (final part).

What are the objectives of the MOFU?

Since at this stage consumers already know what products or services they need, it is at this stage that brands or companies must present themselves as the best option in the market.

It is convenient to take advantage of this moment to collect information from users and, in this way, be able to convert them into leads. Thus, in exchange for the transfer of your data, the company or brand offers exclusive resources, hard-to-find material, more specialized content…

The quality of the content offered will depend on whether or not users see the brand as an option with which to meet their needs. Therefore, the essential thing is to know the buyer personas, as well as take into account their demands.

Proposals to implement in this phase:

  • Interview experts.
  • Offer advice or recommendations.
  • Show the products (it can be done through videos).
  • Carry out a collection of questions and answers that allow to resolve the possible objections and resistances of the users.
  • Launch ebooks and detailed guides, which place the brand as a benchmark in the sector.
  • Establish testimonials of people with whom potential users can identify. In this way they are more likely to consider the company / brand as a winning option.
  • Opinions and recommendations. Get satisfied customers to leave their opinion as long as they are authentic.

What is MOFU for?

The goal of MOFU is for users to figure out how it can ensure a better response to their needs. It is, therefore, the most essential aspect of the funnel, since it practically determines that the transaction comes to an end. Thanks to mofu, a simple consumer can become a determined lead.

What are the best strategies for MOFU?

In this phase, intermediate, what must be done is to develop actions that have as their ultimate goal the promotion, that the clients / users advance through the conversion funnel:

  • Email marketing campaigns. It is considered an almost certain bet at this point of the Funnel. To achieve the best results you have to take into account the tests both A / B and A / B / C, using various variables to achieve what will be the winning combination. It is necessary to carry out an exhaustive control of the opening and CTR ratios.
  • Social Media Campaigns. Thanks to the fact that there are a large number of formats and targeting options available, adapting to any marketing need is increasingly possible and simple. At this point the main thing is to make all kinds of announcements that lead to increase leads and the database.
  • Retargeting. In this phase there is already a control of the behaviors of the users, which favors that they can be impacted on them by personalizing the ads to make them more effective.

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