What is TOFU


TOFUTOFU is a part of the conversion funnel. It is considered the initial part or the first part of the three stages in which the funnel or conversion funnel is divided. The other parts are the MOFU, middle part, and the BOFU, final part.

What are the goals of TOFU?

Being the first or highest part of the conversion funnel or funnel, the primary objective should be to attract as many visits as possible. In this phase you can not make any type of offer, we start from the basis that the visitor is not yet clear about his need.

It is, therefore, the stage where the content will be created that will make users, once you have consumed it, identify what they need.

In the TOFU phase, we have to generate content that responds as broadly as possible to the needs of our potential customers. In other words, generic content that answers your questions. Some options can be:

  • The reasons that can lead to making a certain action or buying a product.
  • Tutorials.
  • Ebooks that are generic in nature.
  • Checklists. It is one of the most attractive contents, since it manages to unite graphic and written elements.
  • Infographics. An ideal resource for the user to be inspired and cover their need at a glance. People seek to solve doubts immediately which helps a lot in their goal. In addition, it makes it a content that can be highly shared. Which helps to greater visibility.

What is TOFU for?

TOFU serves to attract the largest number of users/visitors possible. It is the part of the cycle where the user encounters a problem, difficulty, restlessness. Although he is not entirely clear about it, he is looking for solutions that can fit him. The company or brand does not intend direct sales, should not seek to sell or offer help or support. If users, in this phase, detect any sales intention, it is most likely that they will not continue with the process with the company / brand.

What are the best strategies for this moment?

In this initial phase, what must be done is to develop actions that aim to inform potential consumers / customers of the existence of the brand / company. To do this, the following actions can be performed:

  • Generate content on blogs and similar places.
  • Display advertising. All known customer data can be used to show them highly personalized ads.
  • Video campaigns on social networks. It is one of the contents that most impacts and generates the greatest interaction. It is the one that best manages to connect with the user in an emotional way, something that at this moment is fundamental.
  • Content ads and native advertising. It is a way to maximize our objectives, posed in a non-invasive way.

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