What is Medium Social Network


is a blogging platform created by the co-founders of Twitter, with the same spirit but where ideas and stories are shared without the limit of 140 characters and not only for friends, despite being able to access it only through invitation.

Medium combines qualities of other social networks, looking for a minimalist design seeking to avoid distractions to effectively reach the largest number of users, as well as a versatile topic categorization system.

Medium as a social outreach tool

While Medium was conceived for people who want to tell their stories online, brands have begun experimenting with it as a tool and social network to expand their reach, in the search for new ways to associate their brand with great content.

How Medium Works

Medium is a social publishing platform that is open to everyone and home to a wide variety of stories, ideas and perspectives. To help emphasize the importance of this, the overall design of the medium is minimalist, with plenty of white space and limited formatting options.

This site is intended to give voice to people who have something interesting to say, even if they don’t have thousands of followers on Twitter, an active blog, or friends in the right places. The medium was built to reward content for its quality, not with the pedigree or popularity of the author.

Engagement en Medium

The site encourages writing and a superior reader experience in several ways: its editorial team that cleans up content and commissions a small number of articles; its algorithm that pushes the best pieces to the top of the page and lets the lower quality material float to the bottom, and a lot of dedication to clean and simple design. The creators of digital marketing content have seen in this platform a space to promote the image of their brands.

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