What is Buy Box

Buy Box


The Amazon Buy Box, or Amazon Purchase Box, is an element of the Amazon platform interface that appears on each of the products available for sale on the distribution platform. It is a white box with different buttons and information about the sale and the seller. Currently it is one of the elements that generates more disputes and competition within Amazon, since it allows to be or not the seller of a product in the Marketplace of the American giant.

Why is the Buy Box important?

The Buy Box is without any doubt an indispensable element for anyone who wants to sell on Amazon. And it appears in each product available for sale, but for a single seller so in the event that there are several sellers offering the same product, they will compete to obtain the precious buy box and consequently be the one chosen by Amazon to sell the product.

In the event that we do not get the Buy Box, it is not our only option to sell the product we still have the section of other sellers. This section is located just below the buy box and in it appear the offers of other sellers for that same product.

How to win the Amazon Buy Box?

Winning the Amazon Buy Box for us and becoming the seller of the product has become a challenge for the hundreds of thousands of sellers of the giant distribution platform. Amazon defines through its algorithm who is chosen to get the precious purchase box. To do this, it uses numerous factors to define it:

  • Price is everything: The price variable is undoubtedly the most important and that conditions to a greater extent who will be able to sell the product. If you offer a more competitive price than your competition you will have many ballots to get the Buy Box.
  • Offers the best customer service: your customer service will be a binding factor to improve your score on the algorithm; strive to be the best in all possible aspects and you will see your effort rewarded: , your return policy,response time to customers, options when managing products,etc …
  • That you do not run out of stock:Always having stock available is another positive factor, Amazon does not like the fact that a buyer acquires a product and then there are no stocks of it
  • Become strong with reviews: if we manage to have satisfied customers and that they score us positively in the evaluations, we will be recognized in this aspect by Amazon. Remember that more important than the number of reviews is the fact that they are positive.

Do not be discouraged if you see that you do not win the buy box the first time, since Amazon encourages it to rotate and always rewards the seller who strives harder and offers the best services and conditions to the customer. Now that you know what it depends on, do your best to get it.

Amazon Buy Box Elements

Inside the Buy Box we find different elements and information:

    • Price: Product cost plus shipping costs.
    • Shipping date:indicates the period in which the product will arrive and we can expand information about this topic.
    • Availability:if there is stock of the product at the time of purchase or on the contrary it is exhausted.
    • Quantity: number of units we want to acquire.
    • Cart:Add the product to the cart.
    • Buy:go directly to buy the product.
    • Seller and Distributor:We can access information about both.
    • Send to: select the location to which we want to send the pipeline.
    • Add to list.




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