What is Youtuber


YoutuberA Youtuber is that person who uploads videos to the Youtube platform with a regularity. They usually have a marked theme with which they consolidate their audience. Youtubers usually start creating videos witha hobby although many end up dedicating themselves exclusively to it, so it becomes their profession.

What are youtubers

These people begin to gain notoriety thanks to the content they create on the online video platform. In recent years, the content that these creators make in their videos and their channel has become very professionalized. Thanks to this, it has become a profession with which Youtubers generate a lot of income. In order to start monetizing your videos, they must meet a series of requirements.

How YouTubers Monetize

When they have more subscribers they can start monetizing their videos, so they receive income from the advertising that Youtube includes in them. Another source of revenue can be collaborations with brands within your channel. In order to monetize these videos, they must first be subscribed to the Youtube partner program. The second requirement would be to accumulate more than 4,000 hours of playback in the last 12 months. They must have more than 1,000 subscribers and a linked AdSense account.

When they meet all these conditions they can request the option to include advertising in their videos. That’s when the Youtube platform decides where to include these small ads and the content creator will take a share of the profits. That is, they would charge a percentage of what the advertiser has paid to put a certain ad.

How youtubers maintain their positioning

Youtubers maintain their positioning through the contact and interest they show their followers since sometimes they make videos according to what they demand through the comments of their channel or direct. It is essential to connect with the audience by answering their messages, be grateful for their enthusiasm and follow-up, be very constant when uploading content and establish a commitment.

Example of youtubers

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