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An Influencer is a person who has the power or ability to condition the purchasing decisions of other users, due to their authority, their knowledge on a certain topic or their relationship with the audience.

During the last years, influencer marketing has emerged more and more, as it allows brands to collaborate with them to achieve their objectives, whether it is sales, lead capture, engagement generation, etc.

There can be various types of influencers, be it celebrities, industry experts, bloggers and content creators, etc. In addition, they are people who have a large crowd of followers either on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Influencer: Impact on social networks and blogs

An influencer has to be active on social media, this is crucial as there are many who make a living sharing products on their social channels to support a brand’s marketing strategy.

As a result, influencers offer great potential for brands and advertisers. With the help of an influencer, your product could become the last must-have element of an entire online community. It is estimated that only “microinformers” or “micro influencers” have up to 10 thousand followers on average. This type of reach could have a huge impact on a brand’s sales and return on investment (ROI).

Micro-Influencer: Opportunity or Hype?

The definition of an influencer does not include any statement about their number of followers for a reason. More important than gross reach is the net reach and relevance of the audience to your marketing goals. Micro influencers, with a smaller following but better social media engagement statistics, can be a great option for brands.

Best Influencers in Spain

  • Paula Echevarría: 2.8 million followers on Instagram
  • Aida Domenech: 2.6 million followers on Instagram
  • Laura Escanes: 1.3 million followers on Instagram
  • Maria Pombo: 1.2 million followers on Instagram
  • Alba Paul Ferrer: 1 million followers on Instagram
  • Jessica Goicochea: 1 million followers on Instagram
  • Rocío Osorno: 1 million followers on Instagram
  • Patry Jordan: 900 thousand followers on Instagram
  • River Viiperi: 600 thousand followers on Instagram
  • Raquel Reitx: 400 thousand followers on Instagram

Apart from these influencers who are more fashion-oriented, we can find rubius, Mangel, Auronplay whose numbers of followers are greater than the previous ones but are oriented to gaming and YouTube, that’s why they have not been included.

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