What is Monetization



In web development the term monetization is used to refer to the ability to generate an income through a website or blog. Monetization can be by affiliate programs, e-commerce, owning premium content, by advertising, or by any other form of revenue generation.

In other words, website monetization is the process of converting the existing traffic of a particular website into economic income. The most popular forms of monetization of a website are through the application of pay per click (PPC) and cost per impression (CPI / CPM).

Several ad networks provide a webmaster ads for you to place on web pages to benefit from the traffic the site is experiencing.

Monetization metrics

Two of the most important metrics when looking to get economic benefits from a site are:

  • “Fill rate” or the % of inventory where ads can be displayed by an advertising network
  • eCPM: The effective cost per thousand dollars of printing, the amount paid to show ads to the public of a site.

Examples of Monetization on the Internet

Sign up for Google Adsense

At the moment, registering in Adsense is more difficult than ever because during the last years everyone has been able to enter this monetization system despite the fact that the websites did not comply with certain Google policies. Still, this system can still be accessed if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your website looks finished
  • Generate some organic traffic
  • Have a good design
  • Comply with the privacy and cookie policy
  • The text is original or almost
  • Not a porn website and the like

With this monetization system, you sell space on your website (the one you want) for advertising from other companies and you are paid according to the clicks that your visitors make on that advertising. The normal thing is that each click add up to between 0.02 and 0.5 but there are much higher CPCs, of a few euros.

Become an affiliate of one or more marketplaces

Monetization through affiliation is one of the most widespread ways to make money online. There are numerous companies with which you can collaborate and some of them are well known. For example, Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress or El Corte Inglés are some brands that make affiliation for their products.

In the case of Amazon, which is the best known, its commissions range from 1% to 11% depending on the product category.

To apply to enter any of these affiliate systems we have to have a website with original content, especially on Amazon, and that has the appearance of finished. Once inside the system, you can start selling the products of these marketplaces that you have previously chosen.

Sell advertising space on your website

This modality consists of contacting companies related to the theme of your website and offering them to appear on a certain side of your page, for example a banner on the home, for a certain time in exchange for money. This money will depend on the amount of traffic you have and how qualified it is.

The sum of money can range from € 10-20 a week to more than € 100 in the same period of time.

Sell leads to companies

Another famous form of monetization is the capture of leads through a landing page and then sell these leads to third parties that make use of them. For example, if we had a landing for lawyer services and did Google Ads to capture information from these visitors, then we could sell this information to law firms in exchange for a sum of money that will vary depending on the number of leads we sell them, being able to pay more than € 3000 for 200/300 leads.

Create and sell an infoproduct

Another option is that we create an infoproduct and sell it. These infoproducts can be an online course, a guide with exclusive content, an e-book or ebook, etc.

Create links on your website in exchange for money

This last online monetization system is aimed at selling links to third parties. There are many platforms where you can register for this such as Prensarank, Publisuites or Unancor. In exchange for you putting a link to another on your website, you are paid a certain money based on the relevance of your website in the eyes of Google, among others.

Errors that occur when starting to monetize

  • Believe that the results will be immediate
  • Not working the brand name
  • Thinking that without effort there will be reward
  • Choosing a profitable monetizable niche

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