What is Viral Marketing

Viral MarketingDefinition:

Viral marketing is a type of marketing technique that is based on and encourages people to pass a marketing message by word of mouth. Therefore, online viral marketing uses social networks and blogs to produce brand awareness in a positive way, from one user to another.

Virality and marketing

Viral marketing typically supplies your audience with something of value for free. This can be something as simple as a song or a fun game. Whatever the viral content, the main mission is that people should be encouraged to share with others so that the message is received by as many people as possible.

Media used in Viral Marketing

When something goes viral, it spreads quickly and widely from one person to another. With tools like YouTube and Facebook, sharing videos, stories and images to thousands, even millions of people, all in a matter of minutes. This offers a powerful way to share information in a very short span of time. Creating a message that is interesting and worthy of being shared is the challenge for companies when they want their ad to go viral.

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