What is Target Audience

Target Audience


The target audience is a group of people identified as the recipient of an ad or message. It is the demographic of people most likely to be interested in a certain product or service. In some cases, our target audience becomes very limited, for example, if what I offer is very specific or very high price.

How to define and find the target audience

Finding the right customers for a business is crucial to achieve success and, in order to maximize the return on resources, segmenting the public is an essential task in any digital marketing strategy. When the company focuses on the people who need or are interested in your product or service the most, there is mutual benefit: the company allocates its resources to the right efforts, and its customers spend their money on what they really need.

To maximize the effectiveness of marketing it is necessary to identify the target audience, but above all to know where it is. This work was not so specific years ago, but today, the development of digital marketing and the regular use of metrics allows to account for each data with greater precision.

The target audience on social media

In that sense, it is especially important to carry out an analysis of social networks and identify which is more profitable for our marketing action. This task is very simple, for example, when we want to segment by age, since the younger audience is currently concentrated on YouTube and Instagram, while the older target audience should be captured on Facebook. In addition to age, it was common for traditional marketing to segment by sex and economic and social level. Now, however, other variables such as interests, consumption habits, etc. are used.