What is Virality


Virality or viral marketing is a type of marketing technique that is based on, and at the same time encourages people to, pass from one marketing message to another, by the well-known system of word of mouth (or email or social network messages). Viral marketing uses social media or blogging to produce positive brand awareness in the traditional word-of-mouth way.

How viralization occurs

Its way of spreading can be similar to a computer virus, from computer to computer, but without malicious intentions. Users receive the page link through social networks or copy the advertisement from a website and pass it on to others via email or published on a blog, web page or profile a social network. Viral marketing can take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, e-books, pictures, text messages, emails, web pages, etc.

The Benefits of Virality

Companies seek to make their digital content as viral as possible since, as long as the message transmitted does not speak negatively about the company, they bring with them a series of interesting benefits:

  • Savings:the best thing without a doubt of the viral content is that the company does not have to pay for this promotion but that it is the same users who are responsible for carrying it out, thus multiplying the initial investment of the company.
  • Visibility:viral content has the ability to reach a large number of people, it is true that it does not segment our target audience like other marketing strategies, but we can consider it a lesser evil compared to the benefits it brings.
  • Speed:the expansion of viral content is extremely rapid, driven by the dynamism of digital media, especially social networks.
  • Credibility:as a general rule, viral content usually goes directly to the emotions of users, in addition they do not receive the content directly from the benefactor company, but they do it from a nearby trusted source which undoubtedly transmits greater credibility.