What is Twitch


Twitch (also known as Twitch.tv) is a digital platform that is used to broadcast live content, so that other people, wherever they are, can connect and watch it. The platform belongs to Amazon and is considered the most popular and largest in the world in terms of streaming.

Twitch has two different types of users, viewers who can watch channels of interest to them and content creators or streamers, who are dedicated to producing content for their viewers.

How Twitch works

Twitch works like a television of a lifetime but on the internet, the main differences are the type of content we can see, being Twitch a content more focused on video games, and that the creators of the content can interact live with the public that is watching them from their homes.

To start being a streamer (content creator) you just have to register on the platform and start broadcasting your live shows on Twitch. You can obtain a remuneration, becoming an affiliate, making a series of mandatory requirements, in a period of 30 days maximum, which at first will be difficult to achieve.

  • Reach 50 followers
  • Have an average of 3 spectators
  • Broadcast in 7 different days
  • Broadcast for 8 hours

To be a simple viewer on Twitch you don’t need to register, you just have to go into twitch.tv and look for the content creator you want to watch. There is also the option to create an account to interact with the live streamer and even support him by donating a subscription, which will give us privileges on that channel, either with the Twitch Prime or directly with your money.

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is included in Amazon Prime and what allows us is to subscribe to a channel completely free per month of our favorite twitcher, in addition, there is the possibility of getting exclusive loot for games.

To link the Twitch account it is very simple:

  1. Open the Prime Gaming website
  2. Tap on “Sign In”
  3. Sign in with your Amazon Prime username and password
  4. Go to the menu on the left
  5. Tap “Link account on Twitch”

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