What is Taxonomy



refers to the practice and science of classifying things or concepts. In content
marketing, taxonomies are used to refer to the classification scheme composed of title, organization of folders, labeling and any other form of organization and / or classification of content that helps the localization, marketing strategy and distribution of content. That is, it is the organization of the information of the web contents.

The relevance of a taxonomy in Marketing

Having an effective taxonomy is useful to put into perspective the content strategy and above all, its objectives. This also allows you to determine priorities. It also helps simplify content audits, which must be conducted at least once a year.

For users who enter our website it will be easier to access its content if there is a good organization. In this way, the greater the structuring of the information, theeasier it will be for him to find everything he is looking for. It is proven that when websites have a higher level of organization in their contents they are more visited.

For the experience to be the most positive we must also have a good UX or user experience.

It is basically about the user experience, ranging from interface design, usability or web architecture.

To create a good organization or web taxonomy you must follow four steps. First, the area of knowledge must be delimited. The second step will be the extraction of all terms and levels. Third, you must control and choose which are the most appropriate. Finally, create this structuring of the terms or categories.

The goal of taxonomy

The ultimate goal of taxonomy is that navigating a website will be much easier. Sort the information according to topics or categories with an optimal criterion to our website. Hierarchize the contents according to levels within an orderly system so that the search for information is faster and more intuitive. This order or levels that are created form a general pattern, which makes it much easier to use for any web user depending on their computer or internet knowledge.

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