What is SEO OffPage

Seo Offpage


Off Page SEO refers to the set of digital marketing actions that we perform to improve the page rank of a website externally to it. Unlike OnPage SEO which takes care of all the internal elements of the web that improve the internal positioning of the same such as semantics, tagging, images and keywords, Off Page SEO acts externally to the website. Although it is usually associated with linkbuilding exclusively within these actions, the reality is that OffPage SEO is much more than that and encompasses various types of strategies.

OffPage Seo Actions

  • Linkbuilding:Linkbuilding is one of the pillars of organic positioning based on generating external links that point to our website. Thanks to this we can improve our web authority, as well as our positioning. To obtain these external links we can choose several options such as purchase or exchange of links, company files or agreements with blogs or quality web pages. It is important to emphasize that when it comes to link building it is more important to generate links based on quality rather than quantity, while Google considers these as natural.
  • Collaboration agreements:agreements of all kinds between brands and blogs or web pages are increasingly frequent in order for the latter to include within their content links to our website. These agreements can be both sponsored and through joint activities (webinars).
  • Social Media: Social media includes digital marketing actions directed through social networks. It is one of the most interesting segments for brands since they can contact millions of users, segment towards their audiences and of course get the public oriented towards their website.
  • Visibility: achieving notoriety on the internet is very important, that is why actions are also carried out that although they do not obtain links to our website if they lead us to achieve visibility through mentions of our brand and contributions on other websites.

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