What is Broken link

Broken Link


A broken link or broken link is a link to a website that can no longer be consulted. When a hyperlink leads to a web page that does not exist, the server displays a “page not found” or “404 error” message. This happens when the page has been deleted or moved to another address and the new address has not been notified by a redirect.



Types of broken links

Broken links can be classified as:

  • Internal broken links:are those that happen within the web itself. They usually happen due to errors in internal hyperlinks, or because you have not configured the corresponding redirects after you have unsubscribed a page.
  • External broken links:these are those that are registered on an external server.

Importance of broken links in web positioning

Having broken links within a website negatively affects the positioning,since it gives signals to the search engine that the site does not work as well as it should. As there are errors between the links of the web, it is difficult for crawlers or bots of the search engine to crawl. In addition to directly affecting the tracking of search engines, it negatively affects the user experience.

How to Fix Broken Internal Links

To solve broken internal links within a website, it is necessary to perform an audit of internal links and identify on which pages and to which destination the error occurs.

Once located, you must proceed to edit one by one all the links that give error and send them to the correct web page, or edit the addresses of the pages that give error.

In WordPress there are specific plugins to address this problem such as the “Broken Link Checker”or the “redirection plugin”.


How to Fix External Broken Links

Since it is usual not to have access to make modifications to the landing page,the only options are:

  • Notify the administrator of the error page for resolution.
  • Delete the hyperlink to that page.

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