What is Social Media

Social Media


Social Media is an anglicism that means “social media”,that is, the set of digital platforms where content is created, viewed and shared by its users. The term Social Media acquires vital importance with the irruption of social networks, the pillar of social media and that have completely revolutionized the way in which users interact with each other and generate and share information.

It is within the world of marketing, and especially digital marketing, where social media has a greater relevance, companies focus their efforts on increasing their notoriety in these “social media” in order to attract as many users as possible


Importance of Social Media in Digital Marketing

Developing a Social Media strategy implies having the maximum possible online presence. Basing your strategy solely on the web implies a very high opportunity cost in relation to the possibilities that we stop taking advantage of if we leave aside social media.

First of all, social media is an unbeatable promotion platform for businesses. The reach they have is counted in hundreds of millions which implies that we can segment their audience as best suits us. An advantage that must be taken into account is that if desired, a good social media strategy does not have to have a very high budget, if we are creative these platforms will reward us.

Having a presence on social media has a positive impact on the corporate image, as it brings modernity; those companies that do not have social networks are increasingly pigeonholed as old.

The importance of Social Media goes beyond a mere vehicle to promote the image of the brand, at a communicative level they offer us a space where we can be in direct contact with our consumers, at the same time as configuring your network of contacts and establishing commercial relationships

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