What is Subscriber


A Subscriber is any person, who intentionally, has provided their data to a brand. It offers personal data such as name, address, your email account…

The subscription can be due to several reasons such as the purchase of a product, a registration or a promotion that is active. In return, subscribers receive certain notifications from time to time.

Subscribers are characterized by a stable relationship, demonstrating a certain interest in what a company/firm offers. They are or can become potential customers.

What is it for?

A subscriber is a lasting person over time and therefore a possible source of income. It is a person who is already interested in the company or brand and therefore presents a higher rate of chances of becoming a customer.

In addition, a satisfied subscriber can become a great ally for the brand. It can help spread the word about a company’s services and attract new consumers.

In other words, the subscriber can drift into two streams that are beneficial. On the one hand you can become a customer and on the other hand a brand ambassador.

How to get subscribers?

The first thing is to create a good strategy that allows you to get subscribers to the blog / web. To do this, the following tips must be taken into account:

  • Create a signup form. It must be generated from the first moment. It is a good way to motivate visitors to leave their mail and receive new publications or news. It is important to take care of the design and conform to the corporate identity of the company or brand.
  • That it is in a visible place. If it’s hard to find or not seen, it doesn’t generate conversions. It must be in strategic places such as the home, at the beginning or end of the articles … Pop-ups that open when you access the website are also widely used. However, it is not entirely recommended, as there are people who consider it intrusive.
  • Offer an incentive. It is very common, that to achieve subscribers, something is offered in return. What can be offered varies greatly depending on the sector in which you are. You can go from a free ebook, through a free consultation or a discount on the first purchase… The fundamental thing is the originality with which it is done, since let’s not forget that competitors will be performing similar techniques.
  • It offers exclusive content. It has a very high conversion rate. The problem is that it is not always easy to implement, it depends a lot on the sectors. The idea is to offer exclusive content that is linked to what you publish and that complements it.
  • Add a resource section on your Page. A glossary of technical terms (as is the case in which we find ourselves), list with links to web resources, a library with downloadable material… The main thing is that it is attractive to your readers.
  • Publicize data. On a psychological level it works very well as an incentive. It can be from testimonials to number of subscribers or any information that is relevant.

Advantage of having a list of subscribers

Traffic to your website is important. However, that there are a greater number of visits to your website does not guarantee that your business will develop as you wish. The important thing is to achieve conversions, that is, to increase the list of subscribers.

A list of subscribers is one of the most important assets that a website / blog can have since it means creating a bond of trust in the medium and long term. In the long run, trust becomes sales.


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