What is ASO Positioning

ASO Positioning


The ASO Positioning (App Store Optimization) is the positioning that is used for an app to rise in the rankings of the App Store or Google Play. In other words, SEO for apps.

Keys to ASO positioning

Search appearance: that is, pay attention to the app icon, images, videos, description… Everything that makes our app show a pleasant, easy to understand and user-friendly image.

Localization: If the application has the objective of the global market, it has to support each region. In addition, in the publication of the app you must use the localization options of each market to provide professional translations.

Keywords: There are relevant parts in the text of the publications that are related to the positioning of your application. It is also very important to keep in mind that for a long time, applications have appeared in Google searches. This is called application indexing.

Reviews: it’s logical. If an app has a lot of ratings and reviews and reviews have good value, the ranking aso will be greatly benefited.

ASO positioning tools

There are different tools for applying ASO that analyze the application within the markets. Some examples are SensorTower and App Annie, although both duplicate some features, complement each other to control their application in all mobile stores around the world.

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