What is Hater


Hater is a term of English origin and refers to people who are engaged, through social networks or online communities denigrating or offending an organization, person or product.

What is being a hater?

The hater/s would come to be, translated into Spanish as hater / that person who hates or hates. They are people, who in a systematic way negative or hostile attitudes to any issue. They do this through mockery, irony and black humor.

The term hater has gained greater popularity with the internet and social media. They usually move both through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but they are also found in blogs, news, forums, chat rooms …

Haters, in general, are usually cynical and hostile people; certainly distrustful and disdainful, with a disposition for aggression. Hence, they can even be offensive.

Haters usually pronounce, primarily, around current issues, such as celebrities, controversies, or any other matter that may be of general interest, in order to mock or ridicule.

How to deal with them?

We must start from the idea that if we are a company and we find a person like that, what it seeks is to show the brand as something bad. That is why we must be very aware of them and take the appropriate measures to transform it into something positive. To do this

  • We must not go beyond the comment or delete it. Most likely, you will rewrite it and confirm that we want to hide your opinion.
  • We must turn it into an opportunity to demonstrate, to the rest of the users, that they have enough arguments to defend themselves against this type of comments. For this we must:
    • Be respectful and never respond in the same ways.
    • Question you and offer solutions to your comments. Offer the attention that should be offered to a dissatisfied client but prevents him from involving the rest. That is why it is usually advisable to move the conversation to a more private environment (email or phone)
    • You should not start a discussion but try to be cordial. It seeks to solve the problem and ensure that the brand continues to have a good image. It does not seek to be right.

If in spite of this, the tone is still hostile and unkind. If it is observed that it only seeks to provoke or harm the company, the best option will be to report it to the social network that we find and block it immediately.

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