What is Google Drive

google drive Google Drive is a free Google file storage service in the cloud. Launched in 2012 to replace Google Docs,which only had 1GB of storage, it meant a wide increase in capacity for users reaching up to 15GB completely free. In addition, Google Drive incorporates various applications such as a spreadsheet program, a program to create presentations and a text editing program, the 3 very similar to the Microsoft Office package, in this case assimilating to Microsoft Excell, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word.



Google Drive features

Its simple design and full of utilities has made Google Drive one of the most used services of Google. Among its main features are:

  • File Storage:15GB of free storage expandable up to 200TB at different rates. It allows us to host all kinds of documents: images, videos, photos, text files, etc … It also allows you to fully integrate these files with other free Google programs such as Gmail, Google Photos or Chromebook.
  • Document creation:through Google Docs, which is integrated into Drive, we can create text files, presentations and spreadsheets. It also includes a tool to design online forms and another to create graphs and flowcharts.
  • Connectivity:Google Drive is designed so that we can easily share our files with the user we want, allow us to edit documents between several users and access them from any device that has an internet connection, whether it is a computer, mobile or tablet.
  • Integrated apps:in addition to the aforementioned tools to create documents, drive has hundreds of compatible applications of all kinds, which we can install from the Chrome Web Store.

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